Review policy

Last updated on 23/07/12

Review policy

Please take into consideration that I am based in the UK, before you email. I've had exciting requests from publishers outside the UK, and then been left a bit deflated when the person has noticed that I don't live in the same country as them and they don't send books overseas.

Thank you for your interest in Painting With Words! Due to my huge review pile and schoolwork, I am limiting the amount of books I accept for review. I am very happy to consider a book for review if it is Middle Grade/Young Adult fiction only. Adult/YA crossovers are fine. I enjoy enjoy reading contemporary, romance and psychologically-thrilling novels, but am pretty much open to anything if it's YA.

Please be aware that I am only 15 and I do not accept Adult books or self-published books (at this time). I do accept the following formats: paperback, hardback, ARCs, and eGalleys.

I will try my best to respond to all review requests within 30 days of being received if they are they fall into the MG/YA categories. I cannot guarantee a reply for mass emails, though you are welcome to send a personalized follow-up email if you have not received a reply from me after 30 days.

Please take into mind that I am not able to finish and/or review every book I receive for review, solicited or otherwise. If for a reason I am not able to finish your book, I will do my best to let you know, or pass onto another blogger I feel would be better suited to the book if I think I won't be able to try again.

The actual review

I can't say much about my actual review, because they tend to focus on different aspects with each book I review. Length will vary depending on time and resources. You can see some examples here. I no longer give books a rating out of 5 because sometimes my feelings are too complex to sum up with a simple '1, 2, 3, 4 or 5' and there may be two different books that I give 5/5's to but I loved in completely different ways and it starts to get confusing and complicated.

My reviews will always contain:
-Title and author
-Amount of Pages
-Publication date
-Format of the copy I'm reviewing
-Links to buy the book at Amazon UK, Amazon US and the Book Depository
-Summary (usually from Goodreads)
-My thoughts (actual review)

I cannot guarantee that I will be able to post a review for your book around its release date, but it will be in my best intentions to have it ready by then. It would be extremely helpful if you could give me at least 1-2 months to get to your book, after which you can contact me for my current progress,  if you'd like. If you have a specific review deadline, please let me know at least one month before the required date and I will get back to you ASAP.

I also cannot guarantee that I'll be able to give your book a positive review. My policy is that whatever the circumstances are, everything I write will be honest. I won't go out of my way to be harsh; I will ensure that it is fair and base it around my personal reading experience, so I apologize if my review does not entirely please you. If you expect only good ratings, I'll have to send you on your way.

Besides my blog, I can post my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, and if requested, other (book) retailers.

Interviews, giveaways, etc

I am more than happy to do interviews, giveaways, or guest posts. The only thing I will ask regarding those is that it would be ideal if I have reviewed the book or at least read it beforehand, unless it's a blog tour. Otherwise, I've found that the post falls a bit flat. (I think that's just me being weird though...). 

Just another point I wanted to add... please don't be put down if I have to decline a book for review, or an interview or whatever. It's not personal! It's just perhaps not for me, and I hope you'll understand that. 

If you have any other questions or require more information, you can email me at: deariffath[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you!